Hello and welcome to my nursery.

My full name is Alexandra Calvo Cabet. I'm the artist behind Precious Wonders.

I am married and have 3 precious children, one girl and twins (boy and girl)
My family and I live in the south of Germany.

A few years ago I searched for a Reborn Baby that should looks like my first daughter, and so
I decided to buy a reborn baby that looked like her. I was so impressed about this dolls, so
I decided to make them by myself.

And now years later I'm very happy to make other people happy with my little precious wonders.

I loved to paint since I was a child, at school I always have got the best marks at art.
I paint furniture at the children's room and now and I'm very happy to show my skills in these wonderful dolls.

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Precious Wonders by Alexa Calvo
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