I create all my babies with so much love, care and joy.

At the reborn process of my babies I am very clean at work and I use only high quality materials.
Every baby is unique and it can never exist a second one of it!


I spend many hours to give my babies a very realistic newborn skintone, using the "3D Skin Technic".
With this technique I can create a very realistic effect. I have learned my own special technique, so nobody can use it like me.
Lifelike skin is painting in many layers by hand. All my babies also get delicate veining and capillaries.
Please notice!!! The skin is rosy and translucent, like newborn babies!! Newborn babies don't have the skin like kids or adults.
The nails are tipped in a natural off white and varnished them.
The Lips are colored in natural shades and sealed with satin varnish.
The colors are permanent and will not fade.
I seal each baby with Genesis matte varnish, so the skin feels a bit rough and is matte!! They got a fine skin structure.

Hair, eyebrows, eyelashes

Rooting: The hair is rooted with high quality Delta Dawn mohair or Slumberland Mohair. This hair looks so real!! i root the hair with a fine needle inside the head and seal the hair from the inside.
I also paint the hair at the front of the head.

Painting: In combinatio with my rooting i paint the front hairline in many layers.
It is always a long process but the results are very realistic.
I paint the eyebrows so fine, you may think that are real eyebrows.
The eyelashes I root with high quality Delta Dawn or Slumberland mohair.


my babies gets high quality Lauscha glass eyes from germany. The colors are different.


I weight the body with fiberfill, steel granulat and very realistic "baby fat" softgranulat.
The arms and legs are filled with glass beads and fiberfill.
The head is also weighted so you have to hold the head like a real babies head!
The weight of each baby is realistic balanced. It will lay in your arms like a real baby. If you hold this little angels you will never let it go :)!


only the best quality materials have been used during each reborn process!!!

Each of my babies feel and look so real, like a real baby.

All materials are non toxic and high quality!


I take all my pictures in natural and different times of daylight so that you can see the colouring.
I do not edit the pictures!


Each baby is a original work of art and is therefore not suitable for very small children. They have got very strong earth magnets installed, so please keep away from pacemakers!
Please be careful with the hair, dont brush too hard and dont pull on them.
Please dont push the vinyl parts.
Also dont push the open eyes and please never let your reborn take a bath.

If you take care and with Love and affection, they will last a lifetime!

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